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Yayasan Ar-Raudhah


Yayasan Ar-Raudhah, formerly known as the Tabung Kemanusiaan Nusantara, is a foundation registered under the 1965 Act, ROC Malaysia.


The foundation began with a fund that contributes to the needy and poor in the Nusantara. In 2004, this fund was involved in an initiative to provide assistance to tsunami victims in Acheh.This initiative has been growing ever since until now, to the development of a complex facility in Lohkseumawe that provide schooling such as tahfizul Quran and comprehensive care to the orphans of the tsunami victims in Acheh.


The experiences in Aceh has made an awareness of a need to streamline operations to help those devastated by disasters. From there, it triggered the establishment of a foundation to develop activities in the Nusantara by running programs in a more structured way and not just solely by giving donations in the form of money.


Furthermore, Yayasan Ar-Raudhah has expanded its activities in Indonesia with the establishment of a Pondok Tahfidzul Quran in Padang in March 2005, which later was moved to Medan.Apart from education and social programs, the Yayasan Ar-Raudhah also actively involved in carrying out economic activities and da’wah. These activities are currently focused in Cambodia in Pursat province.


Projects that were carried out include teaching the Cambodia’s poor on modern farming techniques, bread processing project and also preaching to Muslims. In carrying out its activities, until now the financing is obtained from the results of the investment profits of the business. Yayasan Ar-Raudhah’s involvement in business investment had enabled it to accommodate its entire operation so as not to depend on external financial resources.


Yayasan ArRaudhah has always stepped up in the investment business by investing actively in various economic activities such as ICT, construction and food industries. Yayasan Ar-Raudhah also collaborates with other NGOs such as students or medical teams that are part of a community volunteer or care provider to add the type of assistance that could be given to those in need.

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