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eMedica Healthcare

eMedica Healthcare

The eMedica Heathcare Solutions suite is designed to serve hospitals with complex organisation and management systems.


At the heart of the eMedica suite is the EMEDICA EMR (Electronic Medical Record), comprising of EMEDICA CDR (Clinical Data Repository), EMEDICA CMV (Controlled Medical Vocabulary), EMEDICA Order Manager and EMEDICA HIX (Healthcare Integrated Exchange) forms the Health Infostructure Services.


The management of the Patient (EMEDICA Patient Management), enhanced User Services (EMEDICA Advanced Services) and the delivery of Care including all data generated during of patients by care-providers (EMEDICA Care Services – Specialist) are documented in the EMR using a standard clinician interface (EMEDICA Clinician Support System). The EMR also integrates all the relevant information from clinical support (EMEDICA Care Services – Ancillary).


We also support the hospital’s function as a business entity (EMEDICA Business) as well as a facility providing hospitality services (EMEDICA Hospitality). Executive functions in the EMEDICA Executive assist in decision making, health administration, planning and other strategic functions.

Our integration platform EMEDICA HIX facilitates the integration of a variety of healthcare solutions.

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