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saadiqin, software, ibanking, banking software
saadiqin, software, ibanking, banking software
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Saadiqin is uniquely able to afford our clients the flexibilty in Shariah compliancy due to these inherent design points:


Contract Based – Product definition initiated from Islamic Contract selection

Rapid Product Development Period – Instead of the usual months long process, 3 DAYS is sufficient.

Ready to Market (fast delivery) – Once configured, product is ready to be deployed to its branches.
Designed for Business Administrators– no technical requirement needed
Object Oriented Design – new requirement by the bank can be easily configured within the System (Plug & Play concept)
Highly Parameterized – The system cater for multiple views on Shariah (Flexible)

Multiple Balances – Able to store fees, charges, penalties in a different balance for easy segregation and compliance

Eliminates High Technical Cost – Banks can configure their own product (average cost around hundreds of thousands per product configuration)

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