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BIT2020: Contract signing ceremony with EPF Learning Partners

7th Feb 2020, mark the day of collaboration between BIT Group Sdn Bhd and EPF Learning Campus. BiT Group has been selected and appointed as …

BIT 2020 Digital Transformation Townhall

Last 30th January 2020, BIT Group Sdn Bhd kicked off our flagship BIT2020: Digital Transformation Townhall where the staffs got together for the beginning of …

Spearheading Digital Nation

Future-proof your business with right talent and tools

Being your digital partner means we build solution together with you - specifically to solve your problem. We develop our digital product line with Digital Muamalah for your finance business, Digital Sehah for healthcare, and Digital Ummah for community engagement. We aspire to be Malaysia’s main industry player for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with our main services such as system integration services, blockchain, big data and more.

Share with us your ideas and let us work alongside to build them. Use our 25 years of experience to help you with range of our products and services.

Assisting Doctors running best practice.

We understand how busy your life can be as doctors, running your own clinics - from managing patients' health reports, bills and appointments, handling patient queues, sync data across departments and many more. With our product offerings in Digital Sehah, you can now manage all that just in one apps. We offer you from smaller scale platform up until total hospital management system.

Redefining Sharia compliance

Digital Muamalat is created because we heard a lot of comments and see lots of room for improvement when it comes to Sharia transaction. People say that Sharia loan is just like the conventional ones and this situation still expose Muslim at the brink of riba. That’s why in Digital Muamalat, we try to help you, solving those problems.

Empowering Khalifa digitally

Digital Ummah is created because we are Muslim like you too. Realizing what's more we can contribute to the ummah, we started to develop products that are sleek in design but practical. Most importantly, Digital Ummah wants to empower you as an individual and the Musim community to stay ahead in the digital era.

How do we engage

From training for the skill upgrade to technology support, it's our honour than ever to serve your and your business needs. All under one roof, check out what we in BIT would like to offer you:

Industrial Revolution 4.0

We Malaysians must continue adapting to the advancement of the technology rather than carry on importing foreign expertise. We in BIT take initiative to act on five strategic areas in spearheading the digital nation: blockchain, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Our most recent development is the establishment of BIT Blockchain Lab that is soon open to public to use, to explore blockchain technology.

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Preparing the Workforce

To remain in the workforce nowadays, you and me need to continue upgrading our knowledge. Or else, your job can simply replaceable and your skills become obsolete. Since 2005, we had started training people for telecommunication to make sure we have enough human capital for the industry. Now, expanding our focus to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we establish al-Itqan Academy. Our focus is on blockchain, big data and IoT training.

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Building the Community

We believe startups must help each other. BIT Space is our new initiative to enhance and support tech community. It is a space for you to create event, share knowledge, network with people as well as to attract investors. We are always on the look for talent and new startup to run their business here together to enrich Malaysia’s startup scene. Equipped with lots of facilities, we are excited to partner with communities and individuals, like you.

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The idea of outsourcing your software development is to make sure you can focus solely on your forte, which is doing business. We work behind the scene to support you in automating your business - maybe your finance management or HR department or even client appointment. Use our professional expertise to develop your software idea now, so you can save more time and even reach more people in your market.

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Preparing the people to be ready for the future IR 4.0 workforce. Learn the highly needed skills, compete in the global job market with us today

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