16th August 2017 – BIT Group Sdn Bhd has been appointed as Strategic Partner Vendor of Telekom Malaysia (TM) Bumiputera Vendor Development Program (BVDP), effective 15th August 2017.

TM BVDP is a program established in TM Group Procurement to manage performance of Bumi-vendors and execute Program Management and Development with these objectives below:

Strategic partners can be given a carve out and the carve out allocation and shall require recommendation and support from Management Qualifying criteria for Vendor:

  1. a) Graduates of Entrepreneur Development (ED) or
  2. b) High performing companies recognized by relevant government agencies or ministries which is subject to due diligence by Vendor Development Unit.

Qualifying criteria for Product / Services :

  1. a) Strategic in nature as recommended/support by the business users / LoBs / Management, and
  2. b) Minimum requirement of the products/services are worth RM10million for 3 years, and
  3. c) Innovative.
  4. d) The company will be subjected to annual assessment based on KPIs set.

As a Strategic Partner Vendor, we will enjoy and be given opportunities to grow in terms of efficiency and economic of scale as well as opportunity to expand our business together with TM.  In line with TM Vendor Transformation Program, our participation in TM’s BVDP will enable us to be a significant part of TM in improving its vendor ecosystem towards development of strong, resilient, competitive and sustainable Bumiputera Corporate Champions (BCC).  We will be groomed to become a BCC and emerge as corporate icons and showcases of the nation.


Let’s hope and work together to achieve greater prospects from this partnership.

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