MoU between BIT Group and Havelsan from Turkey

The cooperation wishes to identify and develop mutual opportunities for Tactical Data Link Systems, Networks and Network Centric Systems, Combat Management Systems, Communication Systems, Combat Systems Integration, and Hospital Information Management Systems Projects. The MoU signed at LIMA 2019 Langkawi on 28th March 2019.

BIT Group and KOPIS signing agreement


28th March 2018
– KOPIS and BIT Group finally signed a mutual agreement on Saadiqin, the newest Digital Muamalah product by BIT Group.

This remarked KOPIS as our first subscription-based customer for Saadiqin, to assist loan application management for financial companies.

Announcement of CIMB Best Corporate PRS Award 2017

27th September 2017 – BIT Group has been awarded The Second Runner Up of CIMB Best Corporate PRS Employer during CIMB PRS Conference on 26th Sept. 2017. BIT is among one of the pioneers in the country who have embraced Corporate PRS for the benefit of employees. This noble initiative is vital to inculcate the habit of savings among employees for retirement readiness. Through this, BIT Group is assured as a preferred employer to attract and retain the right talents.

CIMB-Principal PRS Plus and CIMB Islamic PRS Plus are private retirement schemes designed to provide investment choices to help members increase their retirement savings. Its features and benefits are depending on your preference, you choose either conventional or Islamic private retirement schemes.

Announcement of Contract Submission by MOT to BIT


6th September 2017 – BIT Group Sdn Bhd has received the JLM-MMDIS Project Contract Submission from Deputy Minister of Ministry Of Transport (MOT) during an official ceremony at KLCC Convention Centre, earlier today.

This continued JLM-MMDIS IT project awarded to BIT Group last year (2016).  Implementation of the project will be led by Project Manager En. Azri Zainuddin.

Announcement of BIT Partnership with TM

16th August 2017 – BIT Group Sdn Bhd has been appointed as Strategic Partner Vendor of Telekom Malaysia (TM) Bumiputera Vendor Development Program (BVDP), effective 15th August 2017.

This partnership is seen to promote BIT growth in terms of efficiency and economic of scale as well as opportunity to expand their business together alongside TM.   

In line with TM Vendor Transformation Program, this initiative will enable BIT to be a significant part of TM in improving its vendor ecosystem towards development of strong, resilient, competitive and sustainable Bumiputera Corporate Champions (BCC).  

TM BVDP is a program established in TM Group Procurement to manage performance of Bumi-vendors and execute Program Management and Development with the aim to elevate these vendors as future key enablers.



Announcement of Partnership with Minister of International Trade and Industry

3rd August 2017 – BIT Group has been appointed as MaGIC Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility (CER) Partner in the GLC Explorace event yesterday. BIT Group representative was captured in a handshake ceremony with Honourable Minister of International Trade and Industry, Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed.

GLC Explorace 2017 was organized by MITI, themed “Excelling In The Digital World”, and held at the Sime Darby Convention Centre was aimed at providing bumiputra small and medium enterprises with a platform to gain knowledge and pitch business ideas/ proposals.

IT is one of the 63 digital vendors alongside 21 anchor companies involved in this annual digital initiative where it is expected to generate revenue of at least RM9 billion under its vendor development programme.