11th January 2019 – BIT Group Sdn Bhd today announced to continue helping the tahfiz school students, including the ten tahfiz students from Medan today for visit. They are the students from Pondok Tahfidzul Quran Ar-Raudhah built by Yayasan Arraudhah as one of the BIT’s main Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) foundation initiatives in education.

In today’s event, we are humbled to be able to listen to the short tazkirah by Ustadz Abdul Hadi, the principal of the tahfiz school on the blessings of memorizing the Quran. We are also happy to listen to the beautiful Quran recitation by brother Hasan Basri who is has been known online for his beautiful Quran recitation.


Since 2005, BIT Group Sdn Bhd has helped to develop Pondok Tahfidzul Quran Ar-Raudhah, Medan, to help orphaned kids and children from poverty-ridden families. We helped to establish this tahfiz school from a small house into later having its own building near Kuala Namu airport in 2007. BIT Group and Yayasan Arraudhah are committed to continue helping them alongside the other tahfiz schools in Acheh, Cambodia and Kelantan.