15th January 2019 – ‘Driven by the Future’ has been the theme of our digital transformation journey and this year is the last lap in the Three-Year Strategic Business Plan.  2019 new year kickoff event in Cyberjaya, Chairman Hasbi Yaacob and other executives have together launched the new BIT website and BIT eWallet besides presenting out the latest five product segments and new initiatives.  More than 100 staffs attended the event, alongside all the board of directors event – where all of them were given RM 50 token in their new eWallet to be used in BIT Bazaar after the event.

Grateful and excited, in his New Year Message, Chairman Hasbi Yaacob shared his excitement with 2019 as he will be a part of the great efforts in spearheading towards the digital nation vision.  There are a lot of new initiatives lined up, ready for market such as BIT eWallet blockchain, the UAV and drone products. He challenged the staffs to achieve more for this year and not to lose sight of BIT priority: to be strong and financially sustainable companies that put the customer at the heart of everything we do.

BIT 2019 Staff Kickoff event also witnessed the launch of the new BIT website with all the new look and updated information, especially with the newest pages of IR4.0, Academy, and the three Product Segments: Digital Sehah, Digital Muamalah and Digital Ummah. The staff also had the experience to buy and sell with the new BIT eWallet in the BIT Bazaar. This eWallet marked the very first attempt by BIT to utilize blockchain and it looked like it was a great start.  

There were also five keynote presentations from the respective business owners towards the end of the event for them to share the latest progress and updates. The presentations were from Digital Muamalat Saadiqin, Big Data and Cloud, Digital Masjid, Digital Sehah Medica and ENNOVA.