BIT Space Blockchain Lab is a community space aimed at cultivating startup communities.

BITSpace Blockchain Lab engages in partnerships that span throughout the country in various sectors. The collaboration focused mainly in FinTech, Healthcare, Islamic Apps and education, build communities, facilitate industry adoption of blockchain technologies and produce breakthrough products and services.

BITSpace and its BIT’s partner, Itqan Academy, also engages with organizations like MAGIC and universities to develop Blockchain curriculum, from Blockchain 101 up until Advanced Developer level. This will spur local Blockchain ecosystem with the right knowledge on Blockchain Technology.

BIT Blockchain – The technology of trust

BIT Blockchain has the potential to change the way we do transaction between parties, interact with government agencies, and verify the authenticity of everything from financial transaction, property titles, education certificates to logistic transaction and more.

It combines the openness of the internet with the security of cryptography to give everyone a faster, safer way to verify key information and establish trust.

BIT Blockchain is in-house developed by our local developer team using open source Blockchain platform.

BIT has developed blockchain application in the following areas:


Blockchain is used to secure our Saadiqin Islamic Banking Transaction and enable us to use private token creation. Private token can be used as loyalty program.


Blockchain is used to secure medical health records. With secured and tampered-proof platform, medical records can be stored and owned by the patient. These records can be used by various clinics, hospitals, medical insurance companies and pharmacies.


Blockchain will provide digital record for digital identity. This can be used in our e-Faraid inheritance application to authenticate family connection and relationship.

BITSpace Blockchain Lab will also become a hub for Research & Development activities for the local Tech Community, software developers, business users, startups, exchanges as well as Blockchain community in developing and testing Blockchain use cases especially in FinTech, Healthcare and Genealogy. This will also serves as a conducive place to chill out and share ideas among community members.

From time to time we will conduct seminars, talks, workshops and hackathons related to Blockchain.

Community Events

BIT Kick Off Event

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High Wi-Fi

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Sofa, bean bags, lots of plug points, projectors.

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We have blockchain centre for you to use too.


We always on the look to help new startups and youngsters.

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