Digital Sehah

Digital Sehah

Towards a effective and efficient healthcare management.

Healthcare Management Systems nowadays is driven by a team of dedicated professionals specially-trained and powered by technologies, providing seamless intergration of machines and sharing of data, thus making healthcare management more effective and efficient.

As Sehah is a dedicated company, with 15 years of experience in developing, managing and maintaining Healthcare system throughout Malaysia. Two products developed by Ah -Sehah notably are the EDental and EMedica. Both applications are Cloud-based, thus having the advantage of cost saving, reliable n easily manageable by all level of your staff. Doctors can get access to patient data and clinic management data anywhere and anytime . Life can never be easy and simpler to health professional.


Featuring eDental and eKlinika

eDental System

A smile to your face and others – We build eDental to help you running your private practice. We help you managing patients billings and appointments, the X-rays of the dental records that you can mark and view as well as remote access to it when you’re not around.

eKlinika System

eKlinika is developed to focus on the management and processes of small to medium sized clinics such as patient registrations, consultations, investigations and diagnosis, dispensing of medicine and drugs, payments, scheduling and follow ups.

eDental and eKlinika features

2nd Generation Cloud-Based Clinic Management System

Manage and Remind Patient Appointment

Be it new or repeated patient, eDental provides complete Appointment Management solution, which integrates email calendar, SMS, email notification and push notification as a reminder for your patient and you.

Queue Calling System

You can call your next patient wirelessly after your patient pick up his/her queue number, with their predicted treatment time. eDental also can show dentist on duty and total patient waiting list.

Setup Anywhere

If you’re not ready to install in your premise, do not worry as you can still run eDental on cloud-based setup from anywhere. You can readily access it through Internet!

Comprehensive Reporting

eDental assists you for your reporting file and to save X-Rays file. You can save time to search patient reports as well as you can categorize the reports accordingly.

No More Headache in Managing Patient Bills

With less headache, you can manage patient billing and good news, all treatment and medication price is also auto-calculated. You also are able to alert pending payment.

Patient Management

You can easily keep track to visit history, payment made, treatment history, pending payment, patient documents such as reference document, passport image, clinical test report and etc in a single page.

3D Charting

For eDental, we equip you with digital dental charting – to help you view and mark your patient’s dental information straight in your device. With this feature, you can now view up to 100 tooth surfaces for charting.

Independent Hardware

We practice ‘zero footprint technology’, which means users will spend money ONLY for the subscription, not for the investment on physical equipment.

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