IQWAN Campus Management & Student Information System

Key Features For Your Institution

Educational institutions have to rely on big commercial software companies that continue to provide poor software solutions that are proprietary and horribly expensive to a market that has little budget and few choices. There also failed implementations that waste precious education budget that should otherwise be going to classrooms, teachings, and instructions.
Student Information &
Management System

Online Application, Registration & Enrollment

We help admission department by managing all the required data for the enrollment of a student, includes applicants details, program study, financial details & others.

  • Admission Criteria Policy Engine
  • Automated Screening Process
  • Eligibilities based on applicant’s academic
  • Candidate Interviews Management
  • Generate Interview/Conditional Offer Letter
  • Applicants Statistics Report


We help you manage students’ academic records, study periods, study sessions & programmes, various courses, course pre-requisites and all programme structures.

  • Institution and Learning Centres
  • Period Structures
  • Academic Sessions
  • Faculties and Subjects
  • Programof Studies
  • Program Strutures


With this, you can manage student’s finances such as managing students billing, statement of accounts, refunds, outstanding balance (with aging payments reports).

  • Students’ Payment Schedules
  • Monthly / PTPTN Payments
  • Payment Collections Report
  • Transaction History Report
  • Students’ Balance Aging Report
  • Other/Miscellaneous Payments


We help from defining the grading and examination result entry, result’s weightage, CGPA calculation until examination result transcripts and reports to be presented.

  • Grading Schemes
  • Academic Status Rules
  • Examination Result Data Entry
  • Student’s Achievement levels
  • Student’s Examination Transcript
  • Students’ Result Analysis

Why Use IQWAN?

IQWAN is an enhanced ERP that automates the education sector from K-12 to higher education from student admission to graduation. IQWAN also effectively addresses the needs of the stakeholders and further helps in achieving a greater insights and help develop the efficiency of the stakeholders.

  • Cost Effective - you can have the best integrated system that's used in huge institutions without the enormous system fee.
  • Modular - Despite being integrated, all the features can be adapted to your own specific needs and can stand on its own.
  • All Integrated - You do not need to develop separate modules as this system has all features to run a smooth management for universities.
  • Easy Onboarding - The system is developed with the end user in mind - all types of staff can use this system without the need of heavy training.

Provide Best
Campus Life

Any institution can implement IQWAN Student & Campus Management System at a very low budget while customization is offered at an affordable rate, so that, you can focus on enhancing the institution services for the staffs, students and communities.

  • Managing Accomodation Placement - We help to manage student residential allocation and room maintenance issues, integrate with the Student Information System.

    Accomodation Management Features
    • Accomodation Setup
    • Room Inventory Management
    • Student's Room Allocation & Transfer
    • Room Allocation Report
    • Tenants List Report
  • Community Portal - This portal effectively brings the education stakeholders (management, administration, parents, teachers and students) together.

    Portal Features
    • Campus/Faculty's Announcements & News
    • Students' and Lecturers' Discussion Forum