IR 4.0

Driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution - localizing talent and technology

IR 4.0 is not just a buzzword. 2019 will witness more aggresive take into IR 4.0 and we should not be left behind. Driven by the future, BIT has started to venture in Blockchain, AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing. We invited experts to work alongside in building state of the art IR 4.0 Ecosystem in MTDC. We build IR 4.0 to support the research and commercial communities.

Under this initiative, we aim to manage, support and work as an ecosystem at MTDC. We are excited to work along with more tech communities, students and industry players. With our expertise being 20 years in the IT Industry, we hope that at our country will thrive with the localization of technologies for the IR 4.0.

This will lead to:

Addressing the challenges faced by manufacturers

Becoming an innovation economy

Making the consumers
at the center of all activities

Putting human into the center of production

Achieving sustainable prosperity


BIT with its team of Blockchain Developers headed by Dr Abdo Ali has developed BIT own open source Blockchain application for FinTech, Healthcare and Genealogy. We will now base on our IR 4.0 test lab in MTDC developed further to enhanced Blockchain as part of IR 4.0 Cybersecurity solution.  

The blockchain is regarded as an improvement or originality capable of holding the key to cybersecurity risk management for Industry 4.0. Blockchain technology is generally connected with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, even though it has a lot of other use cases, like in Industry 4.0 cybersecurity.

Blockchain technology will work in industry 4.0 because it is able to do much more than mere confirmation and tracking of records. It may not be long before blockchain will turn out to be the pillar of a whole business or organization, considering its rapid pace of growth and early stage of acceptance among average computer users.


Big Data

We understand how overwhelming numbers and data can be to be sorted. What if these information can all be automated and learned by machine? That’s why we venture into Big Data – to further support you. How it can help you? Big Data is going to ‘understand’ your data – be it your marketing projections, making sense of each response for every product you have released and advertisements, as well as finding rare insights in those ocean of data. You won’t have to go through one by one every time, let the machine learn from you and automate it afterwards with your parameters.

We are currently developing our own Big Data in-house, stay tuned for more.

Cloud Computing

We have started integrating cloud as a way to store data for few of our products, so you can always access your data anywhere you are. Under our IR 4.0 initiatives, we want to expand that to offer cloud computing per se as a service. For Customers who desires maximum level of data security, stability and agility, BIT Cloud Services also provides you a Private Cloud Solution.

Your data can be more secured online and accessible.

Artificial Intelligence

A very recent initiative launched in BIT – our artificial intelligence method is still under way to its release. The use of artificial intelligence is vast – but as our forte is in software, integration and managed services, artificial intelligence will mainly contribute to our development of automating redundant tasks such as the chatbots in our current applications and cyber defense.

We are still in our early phase in the development process but it will be supporting other strategic areas in IR 4.0 such as Big Data and Blockchain architecture.