Driven by the Future, with Compassion

Driven by the Future, with Compassion

BIT strives to remain as a company that is regarded as trustworthy and caring by members of society. Our focus are primarily on building our reputation with utmost benefit to society, which are committed to achieving tangible, sustainable fulfillment of our corporate social responsibilities. All our CSR activities are organized under Yayasan Arraudhah, which was previously known as Tabung Kemanusiaan Nusantara.


Sharing greatfulness

Our CSR initiatives are all about stories of resistance and strength among the disaster survivors of Acheh and Padang, the poor families in Cambodia and Kelantan and few others. It is the stories about bringing back the smiles of these brothers and sisters.

It is the stories of us on the other side in being grateful and sharing what we have.

Our CSR Approach


Social aid approach mainly involves activities aimed at providing relief aid for emergency causes and disasters.


We develop and empower our main beneficiaries in the long run by building education centers/ schools. We provide training to uplift their skills.


We aimed to help our beneficiaries sustain their lives and become financially independent. This approach involves facilities provision and training.


It is one of our missions as an Islamic NGO to improve the Muslim ummah so we can live better based on the Islamic foundation.

Our Initiatives

Since established in 2000, we have begun to serve our main beneficiaries which are the orphans, poverty-stricken community, and natural disaster victims. Below are some of our main recurrent activities done together:
Qurban with Kemboja

We have been to Cambodia villages since 2005 for Qurban. Collaborated with surau around Klang valleys, annually we gathered around 200 cows for Qurban and distributed the meats to more than 20 small Muslim villages there.

Padang Earthquake Aid Relief
With a team of five, we went down and assisted victims affected by the earthquake in Padang. The team was in Padang for 5 days and the distribution of aid was concentrated in Padang and Pariaman city. Assistance provided was in the form of ringgit, food and beverage and clothing.
Development of Pondok Yatim Ar-Raudhah, Acheh

Pondok Yatim Ar-Raudhah is one of our major projects. This tahfiz school was established in 2005, and it was expanded from a Tsunami aid relief that we conducted, meant for the affected people of Acheh. The school is also a center for dakwah, economic development and social events for the surrounding communities.

They ask thee what they should spend in charity. Say: Whatever you spend that is good, is for parents and kindred and orphans and those in want and for wayfarers. And whatever you do that is good, Allah knows it well

(Al-Baqarah: verse 215)

Our Philosophy of Giving.

We believe that the act of helping others in Islam encourages us to give the best and uplift the receivers.

Our philosophy of giving is not to give a man a fish, we teach him how to fish. Instead of giving a one-off contribution only, we provide trainings, build and rebuild their homes and schools, and share their burdens.

That is why we utilize the fishing rod symbols in our logo to capture that intention. 5 fishing rods in the logo of Yayasan Arraudhah serves the 5 pillars of Islam, as it is important basic pillars to be fulfilled as Muslim. Visit our Yayasan Arraudhah website to know more about us.