Our Products

Digital Faraid

Digital Faraid is the flagship product of Digital Maslaha’s Syariah Intelligence Software Suite.  Carefully designed, developed and tested to meet the following objectives:

  1. Empower the administration and management of including court proceedings and  implementation of the  Muslims inheritance to achieve ease, fast and accurate experience.
  2. Introduce a global, systematic and innovative solutions to transform inheritance management.
  3. Create borderless and collaborative, knowledge-sharing ecosystems via the internet  to reach the  masses anytime and anywhere.

    The FARAID Simulator is Cloud-based Faraid and Nasab Guide featuring:

    • NASAB (Syariah Family relationship guide)
    • Simulates complex FARAID cases (Multiple Deaths
    • Valuable Data for Wasiat, Hibah, and Pusaka Planning

Digital Masjid

Our newly developed product namely MaiMasjid that aimed for the muslim community to allow usage of the services provided by a mosque through online and make the community aware about the activities or events that are being held at the mosque or among the community.  The community around a mosque called kariah.  The application allows the members receive the information regarding any activities around the community.  It is developed as a web based system that allow user to access from anywhere and anytime.

The system design is a Cloud-based mosque ERP System featuring:

  • IMARAH (Programs & Events Management)
  • KOMUNITI (Members Management)
  • MAL (Financial Management)
  • KHIDMAH (Masjid e-Services)
  • INFAQ (Crowdfunding)
  • FASILITI (Facilities Management)
  • Shariah-Compliant Marketplace