Digital Ummah

Empowering Khalifa digitally - ihsan with technology

There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, but how are we performing with that huge populations? We pondered on how we can improve Muslim ummah digitally and that’s why we come up with Digital Ummah – to empower you digitally. We build technologies in Digital Ummah to promote inclusivity and hence, less people will be left behind. All Digital Ummah products are simple-to-use for all ages. Slowly but surely, we are trying to contribute in 8 aspects: social, economic, political, education, legal, health, environment and culture.

Digital  Ummah  is a collection of digital technology solutions designed, developed and operated  to take advantage of IR 4.0 technologies in optimizing, transforming and empowering  the Best Ummah. 


Building a digital community

The world moves so fast today, exposing us to uncertainty and misinformation sometimes. With that in mind, we also develop Digital Ummah so we as a Muslim ummah can be strengthen and become more informed easily.

We leverage current technologies such as artificial intelligence to help in reducing complexities in solving problems in Muslim ummah – for example, inheritance cases and nasab determination. With technology, we can reduce human error and biases.

Instead of prohibiting the use of technology, we integrate the deeper knowledge of our faith to guide us when we use technology. Digital Ummah proves that there is not just one way to develop Muslim society.

Digital Masjid

Introducing our main apps under Digital Ummah: Digital Masjid. This apps is built to promote visibility of mosque as one of social fabric in our society. This application allows the members to receive information regarding any activities and programs in the community.  It is developed as a web based system as well as mobile application to allow users accessing it from anywhere and anytime.

Now you can easily find and manage your mosque interests all in one place: our apps can suggest your nearest surau automatically as you drive and you can just click to register for events.

Event Notification

Muslim community can sign up and get instant updates online about mosque events nearby (based on their GPS). Kariah member, or the community member of an particular mosque, can register to join and check this event against their calendar as well.

Kariah Membership

As more members sign up and register as a kariah member, more mosque based on kariah will be added to database, make known all the isolated and unknown mosque before.

GPS-enabled location search

You can also find nearby mosques (surau or masjid) around you whenever you drive back to your hometown for Hari Raya or ‘balik kampung’. You can just browse suggested mosques
on the screen!

Online Donation

Mosque all around can now try the first Malaysian mosque crowdfunding. As all the funds will be transferred to the mosques, you as a member can channel your fund without any hesitation.

Digital Masjid Features


We build the interfaces of Digital Masjid with user in mind. The UI and UX are direct and you can simply use it, no matter your age and background.


DigitalMasjid was built to automatically detect your location everytime you open the application. So the moment you want to find nearby mosque, you do not even have to type your current location.


We integrate your DigitalMasjid apps with ability to connect you to Google Maps or Waze immediately. You can straight away find your way to the nearby mosque through DigitalMasjid apps.


From design to the technology used to develop this apps, we try to make sure we use the most up-to-date technologies for it. You integrate cashless payment, GPS, and minor gamification in its fabric.


DigitalMasjid was built for both the community members (kariah member) as well as the administrators of the mosque and the asatizah community.

Performance Driven

Specifically for the mosque administrators, we build DigitalMasjid to help them managing the mosque better. We allow them to publish events and track the registration of their kariah member, all online.

Other than inclusivity among Muslim ummah, we also aim to offer help in one of the main issues happening in our society - faraid or inheritance division issue.

Latest statistics show that there is RM66.6 billion worth of properties and wealth left by the deceased and remain unclaimed by the rightful heirs; collectively known as frozen estates.  This alarming statistics trigger the importance of delivering the Muslim society with the right tools to solve the problems immediately. Undoubtedly, this is what Digital Faraid delivers.

Problems with faraid cases management

Too long and complicated faraid application.

Confusing, unclear process in identifying the right agencies and inheritors.

Possibility for injustice happened as the inheritance is not divided properly.

Lack of knowledge among Muslim about faraid.

Reluctance of family members to get consultation due to fear of high fee.

Digital Faraid

We build two versions of Digital Faraid to suit both individuals’ and Islamic institutions’ needs.

FARAID Simulator

FARAID Simulator is for individuals, trustees or entities that assist the Ummah in the preparation of FARAID cases. The Simulator version will provide a platform to register information of the deceased, their Heirs and the related wealth and properties left behind. Once completed and verified, the calculation engine calculates and display result of the distribution to each heir and heiress in matter of seconds.

FARAID Advanced

FARAID Advanced is targeted to organizations or entities who have jurisdictions to manage, administer, and distribute deceased’s estates. FARAID Advanced main features are to empower the administration and management of Faraid cases including court proceedings and implementation of the Muslims inheritance law.